My lab is, even though mostly a hobby lab, equipped with sate of the art test and measurement equipment. Here’s a quick overview of some select instruments / capabilities:


  • Tektronix MDO4104B-6: 1 GHz / 6 GHz Mixed Domain Oscilloscope
  • Tektronix MCA3027: 27 GHz Frequency Counter
  • Tektronix TSG4106A: 6 GHz Vector Signal Generator
  • Tektronix RSA306: 6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
  • Tektronix AFG3102B: 100 MHz Arb Gen
  • Teledyne LeCroy HDO4024: 12-Bit Mixed Domain Oscilloscope
  • Teledyne LeCroy WaveStation 3162: 160 MHz Arb Gen
  • Keithley 2280S Precision DC Power Supply
  • Keithley DMM7510: 7.5 Digit Graphical Multimeter
  • Mini Circuits SSG-4000LH: 250 – 4000 MHz Signal Generator
  • 2x Mini Circuits PWR-SEN-8FS: 1 – 8000 MHz USB Power Sensor
  • EIP 548A: 26.5 GHz Frequency Counter
  • HP 8657D: 1030 MHz Signal Generator
  • Various Microwave PLL Oscillators, Mixers and Multipliers
  • Wideband RF Noise Sources

All instruments are calibrated to NIST traceable calibration labs. Where applicable, instruments are synchronized through a GPS-Locked double ovenized 10 MHz reference clock from Jackson Labs.


  • ARINC 429 / MIL-STD 1553 Aviation Bus Testing
  • APCO-25 Signal Generation and Protocol Testing
  • GSM / GSM EDGE Signal Generation and Protocol Testing
  • W-CDMA Signal Generation and Protocol Testing
  • DECT Signal Generation and Protocol Testing
  • NADC Signal Generation and Protocol Testing
  • PDC Signal Generation and Protocol Testing
  • TETRA Signal Generation and Protocol Testing
  • ATSC DTV Signal Generation and Protocol Testing
  • I2S, LJ, RJ, TDM Serial Audio Analysis
  • CAN, LIN, FlexRay Automotive Serial Bus Analysis
  • 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX Ethernet Analysis
  • RS-232/422/485/UART Analysis
  • I2C, SPI Analysis
  • USB2.0 LS, HS, FS Analysis
KF5OBS Lab (Click to Enlarge)

KF5OBS Lab (Click to Enlarge)

New lab (07/14) video:

Old lab (early 2014):

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    • For the most part in the closet. You’ll see it through some future videos. Like I said in my lab tour video, I do not like pricey lab equipment sitting out. The HDo is the big exception because it’s insured for its full value. Unfortunately, modern test equipment looks to intruders just like some sort of all-in-one PC. We had one break-in at this location already.

    • Sort of. I won’t make an extra video of what’s hiding inside closets and boxes. But I’ll surely use some things like the Network Analyzer and similar devices in some videos sooner or later.

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